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What about the humble file – there’s more to life than documents

we often claim it’s very easy to store all your documents in Office 365. But not every file is a document and not every document should be stored…


Lessons from the Maybot

Originally posted on Read Ed Reid:
Consider these two newspaper headlines: South Milford FC win Champions League Labour win Kensington & Chelsea Well, you think. A Chinese conglomerate. Don’t see the value in spending £3bn on Manchester United. Decided to do it the romantic way. Small local team – but a million people within 30…

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Putability – More thoughts on Office 365 for collaboration

with all the options for storing content in Office 365 it’s hard for users to solve the Putability problem. This should help

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Office 365 collaboration – somewhere between easy and hard

The Microsoft Story around Collaboration Has Never Been a Straightforward One, with Different Styles of Collaboration from Email, through Skype and into SharePoint Each Being Supported by Their Own Microsoft Technical Team; at Times It’s definitely felt like the different teams compete rather than collaborate (and the irony is not lost on us). With the […]