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The North Coast 500: Do’s and Don’ts

If you haven’t added the NC500 to your bucket list then you should. This photoblog shares some do’s and don’ts.

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Lossless music

Music can touch our deepest humanity. Create connections with people we have never met, such that we share a fragment of their soul and are thus enriched. We may mourn their passing and feel a bond with those left behind. I am thankful that the remarkable technology we are privileged to have can preserve their works so that we can find them again and allow their vitality and spirit to endure.

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Future Thinking – Digitalisation

Short thoughts on what Digitialisation means at a personal and business level

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Office 2021 – Post Pandemic Thinking

The world has changed.
Young employees who have never worked in an office may not be the onboarding challenge we think they are. In fact they may know how to be remote employees better than we do.

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So I bought a Tesla (and how US companies are lazy or incompetent on the world stage)

Tesla have almost nailed the EV market. Sadly they don’t much understand regionalisation. UK failings are awkward or possibly dangerous.

Satire Thoughts and Musings

What are things to be cautious of while going to Great Britain?

What are things to be cautious of while going to Great Britain?

An important cultural question for visitors, answered

Satire Thoughts and Musings

What is the British opinion of iced tea?

Being the caring, sharing kind, I actively participate in Quora, the Knowledge sharing site, where I attempt to provide robust answers on topics where I have expertise, or opinion on topics where I have an interest or experience. Quora’s mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. Mostly these are somewhat technical responses to […]

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Productivity vs Resilience

When business sacrifice resilience for profit they go out of business. If countries do that the consequences are much worse.

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Fragile and Interdependent at every level

We often forget how our individual reliance on the facilities of our town and city are echoed at the scale of nations

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Is there a city in the North of England?

A carefully consider response the the question of whether there are cities or other signs of civilisation north of Watford Gap

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Thoughts on Online Living II

In physical meetings, where you sit and how you dress has an impact. How does this work in online meetings?

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Thoughts on Online Living

Could the pandemic and online living be easing out gender and racial bias, unconscious prejudices and unacceptable behaviours in favour of more egalitarian interactions.