SharePoint Custom List Templates

I’m going to finish my blog on all types of Templates across M365 at some point. In the meantime, here is an excellent and straightforward WonderLaura article on creating your own Microsoft List templates. I shall be leaning on this in my article (plagiarism being the highest form of flattery, they say)


In SharePoint Online, when creating a new list, also known as a Microsoft List, there are several templates to pick from, in order to save some time. In your company, if you have a specific template that you would like to create, to be used in any SharePoint site, there is a way to create a custom list template, using PowerShell, if you’re a SharePoint admin.

When you click to create a new list, if you do not see “From your organization” here, that means that this feature has not rolled out to your tenant yet.


First of all, you can at any time create a list from an existing list in SharePoint, without the need for a template, but if you would like to have your own organization’s templates listed on the From your organization tab, the easiest way to do that is to start with an existing list…

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By Simon Hudson

Simon Hudson is an entrepreneur, health sector specialist and founder of Cloud2 Ltd. and Kinata Ltd. and, most recently, Novia Works Ltd. He has an abiding, evangelical interest in information, knowledge management and has a lot to say on best practice use of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and cloud technologies, the health sector, sustainability and more. He has had articles and editorials published in a variety of knowledge management, clinical benchmarking and health journals. He is a co-facilitator of the M365 North User Group Leeds and is Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Hull.

Simon is passionate about rather too many things, including science, music (he writes and plays guitar & mandola), skiing, classic cars, technology and, by no means least, his family.


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