SharePoint – a strategic platform for business optimisation. Part 1 – What is SharePoint

What is SharePoint SharePoint is a Microsoft platform technology, running on servers or in the cloud, which allows a large range of business solutions to be rapidly built, deployed and managed for any size of organisation. It includes a large number of capabilities as standard focused on, in our view, 5 core business activities: Content […]

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15 Reasons Not to Use Folders in SharePoint (and 3 reasons why you could)

Folders are terrible as a means of organising content. It’s a deeply broken approach and carrying it over to SharePoint is a deeply bad idea. Here are 15 reasons why and a couple of counter arguments for balance.


Zero Tolerance and the 1%

​Reading the Friday morning blog of the rather excellent Ed Reid  this morning on how many small improvements can make a big difference I was struck that it resonated with part of my talk at the NHS event Cloud2 hosted in Manchester the day before. As with Ed’s comments, I referenced the Olympic 1% improvements […]

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What users really want

In Cloud2 we spend a lot of time thinking about SharePoint use, intranets, user adoption and the challenges of matching what people want, with what they think they want and what other people (usually managers, communications and IT folk) say they should want. We also try to match this to what we see being successful. […]